Good Morning!

Welcome to my new digs at Medium

First things first: Are you following me on Medium? No crime if you aren’t. I’ll wait a sec while you correct that (upper right corner). Now! For you or any of your family, friends, students, fantasy league or church members interested in reading my words on a weekly (or more) basis, consider this a new home as well. I can’t escape the feeling that this is the starting line for some new history. It was late spring when Medium general Siobhan O’Connor first mentioned that she saw me with my own domain. Her reasoning was that certain writers live with and for their stories, and amongst that scribe tribe stood me. While I’m certainly not a writer obsessed with their story stats (healthy monthly check-ins), I am clear that my best performers this year were penned only after I trusted my gut.

This personal platform affords me the freedom to disseminate almost as quickly as I consume. I’ve spent half of my career constipated with ideas albeit without enough pots. (It’s crazy how African-Americans are conditioned to live with discomfort.) Stories that sprout like fireworks but only bloom for a couple days before expiration don’t need an emailed pitch or travel and lodging. They need immediate attention. Those moments demand perspective that’s equally graceful and quick on its feet — too small for a GEN or LEVEL or Marker assignment, yet oversized for a Twitter thread or lengthy Instagram post.

Most exciting is the diversification this space offers. It’s a pipeline for my variety of consumption. I can now give more of myself on a weekly basis. There’s room for me to qualify why HBO’s Lovecraft Country is currently the best on television or give BTS color for my next GEN essay (The White Privilege of White Protesters). At least twice a year, there’s a cultural story within the sports world dying for a doula. (How about we bring back normal NBA jerseys and just arrest the cops who killed Breonna.) There will also be plenty of music discussion. Music is my oxygen and the genesis of my career in journalism. Although my professional coverage has strayed while writing for Medium (thanks COVID and White Supremacy), here is where it returns. Artists, compositions, songs and lyrics will be covered rather consistently, yet super fresh. Don’t let Andre 3000 or Kendrick Lamar or Anderson Paak drop anything. I’m all over it like White Walkers inside an NICU.

Oh! Major note: The majority of my critiques and opines and jagged humor here will be Super Black. If you’re familiar with my work at Medium, YKTV. If not, perhaps reference my essay on Polite Racism, profile on George Floyd’s guardian angel or letter to my father. Some of my writing will be accompanied by video content. Some will be unearthed; some, exclusive. You may even see me interviewing people you need to know or someone you already know interviewing me.

With another pandemic wave and quarantine a strong possibility this winter, it’s vital that you and I don’t live alone with any rushes of information, anxiety or solitude. I tragically stopped journaling right before the pandemic. This new home should keep blood pumping through my pen and heart and mind clear. I pray it does the same for you. Unless, you’re a racist or anything relative. Then this wouldn’t be the place for you. Unless you seek a transformation. In that case, allow this to be the cocoon to a newer and better you — a better us.

In a minute…

Bonsu Thompson is a writer, producer, Brooklynite and 2019 Sundance Screenwriters Lab fellow.

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