Earl Simmons channelled his pain into his art — and forever changed the world along the way

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Black Cuomo supporters are trying to paint a parallel between Emmett Till, the Central Park Five, and New York’s governor. No, seriously.

Governor Andrew Cuomo giving a speech.
Governor Andrew Cuomo giving a speech.
Photo: Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo

The film ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’ illuminates Lady Day as an activist the U.S. government was determined to silence

The Inspiration: Billie Holiday’ by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District. Licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

H-Town has a climate problem—and Bun B says the only solution is switching from red to blue

Photograph by Todd Spoth

Movie studios and actors profit from the pain and names of political prisoners but rarely lend a hand in their fight

Courtesy of Sundance Institute. Photo: Glen Wilson

Stanley Nelson’s Netflix documentary opened my eyes to how much Black and Hispanic women were preyed on by the American government

A warrant search and raid in Washington, D.C. Photo: Shepard Sherbell/CORBIS SABA/Corbis/Getty Images

Photo: Josefina Santos

The LEVEL Man at 40

Daniel Baker developed his gifts. Desus Nice gave them to the world. Now it’s time to expand.

The luxury fashion house tried to appropriate Caribbean culture and instead disrespected Black history

Design by Felton Brown

Photo by Barnabas Crosby

Bonsu Thompson

Bonsu Thompson is a writer, producer, Brooklynite and 2019 Sundance Screenwriters Lab fellow.

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