Trump’s Supreme Court nom described her adopted children and it was frightening

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On the first day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate Confirmation hearings to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, she opened up not as a Circuit Court judge but as a mother. Instead of rationalizing her abortion stance or explaining why she feels climate control is more a policy matter than science, she spoke with vivid pride about her and husband Jesse’s seven children.

She began by informing that her oldest, Emma, to which Amy has referred to as “the first apple of our eye,” is a college sophomore who will possibly follow her parents footsteps in law. The judge continued, noting that her second oldest, 16-year-old Vivian, was born in Haiti and adopted by the Barrett’s in 2005. Amy made it a point to punctuate that when Vivian joined the family at 14 months old, she was so weak that doctors said “she may never walk or talk normally.” Today, Vivian is a high school track star, who, according to her esteemed legal guardian, no longer has trouble speaking. …

I dreamt that the Donald was so COVID sick his prayers got answered, literally

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My Child-

I know you are in great pain. Although I have welcomed the coronavirus into your body, the hurt you feel can be most attributed to the collision between your ego and karma. For you to receive COVID-19 was always the plan. Initially, I was to infect you last winter, at the onset of the pandemic. The postponement was inspired by a consideration for the millions of my American children. I saw this year as an opportunity for many to become informed by my finest gift to you: free reign. You persevered through three-fourths of your presidential term primarily under scandal — a rare feat. …

As the summer faded, so did White allyship

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Honestly, I tried to not write about Breonna Taylor. My resistance wasn’t rooted so much in my exhaustion with the exoneration of her killers (or just how fucking egregious American racism remains). I wasn’t confident that I could sidestep my own emotions and add vegetables to the conversation or balm atop the fresh pain. …


Bonsu Thompson

Bonsu Thompson is a writer, producer, Brooklynite and 2019 Sundance Screenwriters Lab fellow.

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